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Luras is a village of about 2500 inhabitants in the northern Sardinian province of Tempio-Olbia.


Lurisincu is a Logudorese enclave in the Gallurese area. Due to contact with Gallurese, Lurese has obliterated gender distinctions in plural forms of articles, object pronouns, adjectives, and participles. Moreover, a peculiar personal pronoun system has emerged, in which three third person forms co-occur: issɛ, unmarked for gender, and two gender-inflected forms, issu vs. issa (‘he’ vs ‘she’).
The latter are used only for purposes of disambiguation (cf. Loporcaro 2006b; 2012). For instance, in (1) the unmarked form issɛ is used first, then issu and issa are introduced in (2) to disambiguate the referent of the preceding pronoun. The pattern has not been observed elsewhere in Romance and, from a typological point of view, it does not correspond to any known system reported in Siewierska’s (2005) WALS map.

(1) Q:   kiɛ ɛilj vénnišu ?
           ‘who came?’

     A:   issɛ
           ‘it’s him/her’

(2) Q:   ma issu o issa?
           ‘well, but [do you mean] him or her?’

For a more detailed description of Lurisincu and its relevance to the study of agreement, please refer to the overview written by Serena Romagnoli.

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