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Pantelleria is an island (ca 7500 inhabitants) located 95 km off the coast of Sicily, and 67 km from that of Tunisia, belonging administratively to the western Sicilian province of Trapani.


Pantiscu exhibits a progressive construction involving pronominal subject clitics. For instance, (1) shows two pronominal forms, both exhibiting gender inflection: the first one is a strong pronoun, which is doubled by a clitic one occurring adjacent to the inflected verb. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only attestation of subject clitics in a dialect spoken south of Florence and Pantiscu is the only Romance language in which subject clitics convey progressive meaning. Furthermore, the pattern of grammaticalisation yielding an agreeing clitic with a progressive interpretation has never been reported in the typological literature on (the emergence of) progressive marking.

(1)    ɪɖɖʐ-a     ɖɖʐ-a                   mantʃ-a
        3-F.SG   PROG.3-F.SG=     eat.PRS-3SG
        ‘she’s eating’

For a more detailed description of Pantiscu and its relevance to the study of agreement, please refer to the overview written by Alice Idone.

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