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The many facets of Agreement
3rd - 5th October 2019, Room RAA-G-01, University of Zurich

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Our goal
The DAI project aims at setting up a database illustrating agreement phenomena in seven Italo-Romance dialects: Luras, Verbicaro, Agnone, Ripatransone, Altamura, Urbino, Pantelleria.

State of the art
The study of agreement in general linguistics and linguistic typology has been swiftly progressing over the past few years and has been the object of several important projects.

Why Italo-Romance?
Italian dialect varieties display a wealth of interesting phenomena in this area, some of which are unparalleled across Romance, or even within the whole Indo-European language family. However, this treasure of structural diversity has hardly been exploited in typological studies on agreement and thus could not find its way into the international scientific debate, mainly because of the unavailability of the primary data to the international scientific community in the form of an accessible database.

What are we doing?
We are developing an online database that will consist of the collection of annotated data gathered from the selected varieties through different elicitation tasks.

Why in Zurich?
The University of Zurich, through the competence and facilities gathered at its Romance and Comparative Linguistics Seminars provides an ideal setting to carry out the project.

About this website

At the pages concerning each variety, the heading TOPIC introduces references to the literature available to date, whereas the rubric FOCUS lists the papers dealing with agreement in the relevant dialect, developed by UZH members in connection with the present project.