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Verbicaro is a northern Calabrian village of about 3100 inhabitants, located in the province of Cosenza.


Verbicarese is a southern Italian dialect lying within the Lausberg area. Contrary to the majority of southern dialects, Verbicarese is not affected by generalized centralization of postonic vowels, as it maintains final -a at least in prepausal position and under focus. This allows to detect gender agreement whenever the controller is feminine or, with conservative speakers, neuter plural. The neuter a-plural marker (1) of Verbicarese is the direct outcome of Latin neuter plural.


the arm(N).PL long.N.PL

As a matter of fact, conservative Verbicarese is the only Romance variety known so far to preserve the gender agreement conditions once common in the early Middle Ages for Romance languages displaying three target and controller genders (M, F, N).

However, orthogonal conditions affect the distribution of overt agreement markers. Gender marking is not canonical since the triple opposition is displayed only for plural and only for metaphonic adjectives. Determiners and personal pronouns show no gender contrast in the plural, while non-metaphonic adjectives and past participles have a binary opposition (M/F vs. N). As for past participle, in particular, the type of participle (strong vs. weak, metaphonic vs. non-metaphonic) and the type of construction (unergative, unaccusative, reflexive, etc.) are relevant conditions for the agreement. For instance, direct objects trigger gender agreement on past participles if the latter are strong and metaphonetic (2a vs 2b).  

ğğə'sɛppə 'a kˈkɔ:ta/*kˈkuɵtə ɖɖ 'a:čəna

Giuseppe has harvested.F.SG/*M
the grape(F).SG

ğğə'sɛppə 'a vˈvistə/*vˈvista
na kwa'tra:ra

Giuseppe has seen.non-F.SG/*F.SG a girl(F).SG

For a more detailed description of Verbicarese and its relevance to the study of agreement, please refer to the overview written by Alice Idone and Giuseppina Silvestri.


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